Tunit is an accessories brand created to offer Apple users everything they need to connect, protect and power their devices.

Each accessory is designed to make the user experience spontaneous and natural, thanks to a minimalist design and perfect compatibility.

Tunit is part of Med Group, leader in Italy in the distribution of technological solutions with a strong specialization in the Apple world. From this genesis derives a forty-year know-how on which a strong drive for innovation and the search for ideas capable of improving, transforming and simplifying the daily relationship of its users with technology, enhancing the most promising aspects and opening new ones possibility.

Our vision


At a time of strong global environmental emergency, the word 'sustainability' risks being emptied of meaning. The actions taken by companies in recent decades and labeled as sustainable have unfortunately turned out to be too mild for the momentous challenges that await us. This is why we have chosen to focus on the human factor, the only one that allows us to make a real difference by building a balanced and constructive relationship with technology.

  • We pursue an idea of ​​sustainability and well-being based on respect for work and people as an integral part of our social responsibility.
  • We recognize the importance of time as an asset of the highest value, to be safeguarded by guaranteeing workers an ideal work / life balance.
  • We promote the most human and beneficial aspects of technology such as the ability to interconnect people, to allow them to reclaim private spaces and times or to reduce their environmental footprint through advanced tools for agile and hybrid work .

As a company, we identify in these values ​​the right way to go to interpret sustainability according to our most authentic characteristics and possibilities.

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