• Anti-Glare Privacy Glass for iPhone 12 Mini
Anti-Glare Privacy Glass for iPhone 12 Mini

Anti-Glare Privacy Glass for iPhone 12 Mini

The Tunit glass for iPhone 12 Mini is ultra-resistant to bumps and scratches and protects your privacy thanks to the screen saver filter that excludes the view at angles greater than 45 °.
Tunit's Double Tempered Privacy Glass with Anti-Glare technology is the perfect solution for your iPhone 12 Mini.

In addition to protecting you from bumps and scratches and being anti-fingerprint, it acts as a screen saver thanks to a filter that guarantees your privacy from those in immediate proximity. In fact, the screen is directly visible only at angles less than 45 degrees.

The glass is compatible with Face ID and the double tempering guarantees further compactness of the same and a better protection for the screen of your iPhone 12.

Why choose Tunit Privacy glass:

- Double-fired tempered Corning Gorilla Glass (USA technology) (explosion proof);
- 9H hardness for protection from bumps and scratches;
- privacy for viewing at angles greater than 45 degrees;
- compatible with Face ID;
- oleophobic surface coating (anti-fingerprint).

Accessories included: microfiber cloth and dust-catching adhesive.

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